Sunday, January 29, 2023

Dog Gone!

My daughter is earning money to send her daughters to camp by dog sitting … and since she has three cats, these canines spend a lot of time with us …  and I have learned that there are few dogs that don’t have one problem or another. So far;

One dog suffered separation anxiety

One dog couldn’t stop barking

One dog really wasn’t housebroken like promised

One dog growled at women and ran away

One dog raced around the house

One dog was a face licker

One dog wouldn’t eat

Are there any good dogs anymore? And we have dozens more to go!


1 comment:

ChillFin said...

Good dogs are trained to be good. Dogs respond especially well to attentive and consistent training especially reinforced with rewards. See what Cesar Milano does when he demonstrates that all dogs are good dogs. Seems that you have dogs that should be boarded in a kennel. Costs quite a bit but they are treated like they are untrained. There are a lot of great dogs out there but you should meet them before you offer to board them.