Saturday, July 10, 2021



‘We don’t like bullies, egomaniacs or jerks’: Allen West crashes Texas governors race

Biden to sign executive order cracking down on Big Tech’s practices

Emails raise questions about Wuhan Lab’s safety protocols before pandemic

Poisonous new snake found in Massachusetts

Feds agree to pay $6.1M to create database for Capitol riot prosecutions

Pfizer is developing a Covid booster shot to target the highly transmittable delta variant

South Dakota responds to criticism for deploying troops to the border by deploying more troops to the border

CNN medical analyst: ‘It’s time to start mandating vaccines’

British MPs see ‘retreat’ as Boris Johnson confirms Afghanistan exit

Treasury yields bounce, easing worries about a global economic slowdown

Biden administration deletes Tweet theat included Taiwan flag

CNN’s Cuomo: CRT is about ‘just choosing which stories matter’ in American history


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