Thursday, December 08, 2022


Pilgrims, if you listen to talk radio, I would like you to try The Dan Bongino show (12-3 PM ET) for a few days. If you enjoy no-BS straight talk, I think you might get hooked.



ChillFin said...

This might not have been the best day to tune in to Dan. He had a hair across his a$$ and could only keep lobbing insults at the libs. I am a moderate so his statements literally went over my head. But the advertisers had me ripping off my headset every 15 minutes: guns, Rx, gold, dog itches, calls to update garage doors, kitchens, baths, windows... where are the wet basement guys?

George W. Potts said...

Like on FOX, conservative media don’t get the ads from woke corporations. Just ED fixes, veggies in a pill and expensive slippers.

ChillFin said...

Ah yes! Fruits and veggies in pill form. I am expecting meat and beer in pill form next.