Sunday, March 09, 2008

Ohh-Ohh-Ohh Feelings

A tip of the hat to Joe’s Dartblog for this directive:

It seems that Barak Obama first priority in selecting new federal justices would be how empathetic they would be to the downtrodden. This, in the mind of our would-be President, appears to be ahead of the rule of law, precedent, and Constitutional intent. Somehow I remember that the image of “Justice” is blindfolded and holding up a set of scales with nary a finger on either side. However, Hillary would probably outdo Barak in this department. She most likely would prefer her judicial nominees to take feelings and precedent into account … unfortunately, like Justice Stephen Breyer, it would be French precedent or Italian precedent or Indonesian precedent or…


George W. Potts said...

Bill Miller said,

"I think the image of the blind justice, in the present administration, is she’s peaking through the blindfold, winking at big business, and giving the rest of us the ‘finger’. So don’t be too eager to judge that which isn’t yet.

Waiting for Godot."

George W. Potts said...

I've thought about your aspersions further. I think that the Bush Justice Dept. has prosecuted more corporate criminals and gotten more convictions than any other in history ... Adelphia Comm., Enron, Arthur Anderson, Cendant, Computer Associates, Global Crossing, Martha Stewart Living, Tyco Intl., WorldCom. And most of this malfeasance took place during the 1990's. I forget who was President then.