Friday, December 01, 2023

Gruesome Newsom


Many believe that, for numerous reasons, Joe Biden may have to bow out before he can be nominated for reelection next year. And, that the Democrat bench is so thin that one of the best alternatives is Gavin Newsom, the current governor of California,

Thus, the debate last night with DeSantis on Fox.

Now, Gruesome Newsom has a terrible record in the Golden State … residents can’t leave there fast enough. It is far cheaper to rent a U-Haul into California that out of it.

So, Pilgrim, in anticipation of this Biden jettisoning, I have a suggestion for Newsom’s campaign slogan:

MACA … Make America California Awful!

Afterward: A Drudge polling says DeSantis won the debate going away.



DEN said...

Newsom reminded me of Bill Clinton; Smooth, intelligent, shifty, unfazed by criticism. Hannity tossed softballs to DeSantis who bobbled them. I could only watch 15 minutes of talking over the other guy and schoolyard bickering. Too bad we cannot have a real debate where the mic is muted after the allocated time is up.
Is there a universe where Drudge would find that a Dem had won the "debate"?

George W. Potts said...

I also bailed after about the same amount of time for much of the same reason. Hannity was not a very good moderator. And, if you believe that Drudge is still on the right, you are not following closely. It now is in the vanguard of the lefties and never-Trumpers.