Thursday, January 22, 2009

Politics Ain’t Beanbag

Caroline Kennedy’s on-again, off-again, on-again, off-again quest for Hillary Clinton’s Senate seat ended with a whimper as she finally gave up, you know, and reacquired her married name, you know, Schlossberg. There is lots of speculation as to why Governor Paterson left the daughter of Camelot slowly swing in the wind for so long and then, assumedly, told Caroline that she wasn’t going to be the anointed. Now, the obvious question is, why?

May I suggest that Caroline’s early endorsement of Barack Obama (along with her uncle, Ted) and her serving as co-chairman of the Obama’s Vice President selection committee … both together made her mega-toxic to Hillary and Bill Clinton. And this Pleasantville daring-duo are not used to losing their political skirmishes. Therefore, I can easily imagine that the Clinton’s famed opposition research team finally found some real dirt on Caroline and consequently flushed her into political purgatory.

Now, despite what the Clintons may have found out, I don’t believe that she was as scummy as most politicians we are exposed to these days (Ted Stevens, William Jefferson, Charlie Rangel). So, in a strange way, I’m sorry to see her savaged by her political enemies the way she is … kind of like that doey-eyed baby impala having its throat ripped out by a cheetah.

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