Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I guess I am not surprised that Obama has been revealed as favoring a redistribution of wealth. But what fazes me is that my leftie friends believe that this just means “marginal redistribution” … that is, upping the tax rate on people earning over $250,000 per year (Obama’s original target) … er, $200,000 per year (ala Obama, more recently) … er, $150,000 per year (ala Biden, yesterday). But, true redistribution of wealth would go much further … into redistribution of our citizen’s assets (remember what happened in China, Cuba, etc.?) Don’t snigger, the radical left is perfectly capable of applying this precept, particularly if they have a super majority in the Senate. Don’t forget that Obama’s church, the Trinity United Church, has required all its members (and this includes Obama) sign its manifesto which eschews “middleclasscedness.” I know that this sounds like scaremongering (as per Dennis Kucinich Noonan) but are you confident enough in Obama to say that this is not part of our future as he sees it?


Anonymous said...

#1 Ignore anything Biden Says
#2 We are not Cuba or China
#3 Using the word "snigger" in a paragraph about Obama is a thinly veiled (albeit wickedly clever) term pejorative. I am reporting you to the PC word cops.
#4 Jeez are you still talking about that church and that stupid document he may have signed 20 years ago?
#5 Like it or not, reality will be down for breakfast next Wednesday.

DEN said...

I agree with the Capt.