Saturday, October 04, 2008

Corrosive Practices

The following are, in my opinion, popular or looming practices that are corrosive of our society and would be better left on the cutting-room floor:
- Sub-prime mortgages
- World government
- Government sponsored enterprises (GSEs)
- Motor-voter registrations
- Same-sex marriage
- Black reparations
- Credit default swaps (CDSs)
- Goth culture
- Mark-to-market accounting
- Late-term abortions
- Too-easy credit
- Dark-pool securities trading
- Government bail-outs
- Hedge funds
- Global warming hysteria
- Single-payer healthcare
- Off-balance-sheet accounting
- Onerous gun registration laws
- Islamic fundamentalism
- Grunge, rap and heavy-metal music
- Disproportionate executive pay
- Same-day voter registration
- Naked short selling

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DEN said...

How about:
- Golden Parachutes for bad CEO's
- Political correctness
- Illegal immigration
- Outsourcing tech jobs to cheap green card workers
- Tax loopholes
- Movies like "Brokeback Mountain"
- Deceptive marketing - any AD with Fine print or fast talking disclaimers
- Rebates instead of discounts
- Organ transplant deals
- Self Service instead of full employment
- Low cost Text messaging
- Permanent welfare
- Unionization of public employees (ie paid by tax money)
- Music performed by Abba or Abba tribute bands
- Allowing prisons to be venues for gang rape
- Warehousing old and sick people despite their wish to die
- Imposing personal beliefs on others
- General lack of civility in discourse
- Exorbitant prices for Lobster and sushi
- Tomatoes engineered for shelf life instead of tastiness
- Trend against outdoor cats (which has resulted in increased population of rodents)
- Banning peanuts from schools
- Salting roadways during snowstorms
- Letting OJ Simpson walk around free as a crow, when Dr Kervorkian had to go to jail.
- Continued Protection of abuser priests and those who enabled them
- Earmarks
- Political campaigns funded by special interests
- Blogs, where no one checks your facts before publishing