Thursday, June 05, 2008

Liberal Intelligensia

A friend recently defended his liberal bent by claiming that most of this country’s intelligensia were liberals. “Aren’t most professors, talking heads, and noted authors liberals,” he asked? Therefore, liberalism must be the correct and the best political course. See ad populum. Now, according to such lemming logic, we therefore must conclude that the consensus found among the illuminati set is never wrong. I started to muse on this warped conclusion and came up with this obvious list of justifying cases:

- Pope UrbanVIII and the priestly set that persecuted Galileo for his notion of heliocentrism

- The monarchs Ferdinand II of Aragon and Isabella I of Castile (including all their court and Spanish secular authorities) who started the Inquisition in order to maintain Catholic orthodoxy

- The large group of pacifists (including Joseph Kennedy Sr. and Charles Lindberg) who strongly resisted the U.S. entry into World War II

- The U.S. Supreme Court and most of the U.S. legal establishment that concluded for almost one hundred years that “separate but equal” was a proper public educational policy

- The large class of conservative clerics of Islam who propound and enforce Shiria law and believe that, among other things, adulterous women should be stoned to death

- The cadre of rabbinical scholars who debate the Torah down to its finest scintilla to justify such things as circumcision, not eating pork, and God’s signing a deed for the land of Israel

- Stalin and the whole scientific establishment of antebellum Soviet Union who dismissed totally the teachings of Darwin

- The rather substantial population of thinking Americans who believe in creationism or intelligent design

- See also Madness of Crowds

I could go on and on but … BOSH!!


DEN said...

Your friend's observation that the best and brightest trope towards liberal values is indisputable. I was there during that conversation, and the conclusion I heard was that smart people tend to believe that the rules of society can and will change.
The warped conclusion was fabricated by the author of your blog. And a list of alleged historical errors by purported liberals reminds me of Rev Wright's reasons to hate whitey.

DEN said...

Ok, now you claim that your Liberal Intelligensia rant was actually about "silly group-think" errors.
You could add to your list: "George Bush and his cadre of neocons trying to export democracy, who were blindsided when the Palistinians voted the terrorist group Hamas into power."