Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A Liberal ...

- would rather save a polar bear, a GITMO terrorist, or a serial killer than a late-term human fetus
- uses guilt-laden emotion to trump logic
- blithely destroys traditions without any thought to the consequences or replacements
- slavishly endorses the current “group think” using focus-group-tested talking points
- labels any thoughtful generalization as “prejudice”
- would rather have “street creds” than be correct
- does not believe in patriotism or displays of same
- believes that all morality is relative and transitory
- worships at the feet of bling-bling Hollywood and glitzy media idols
- supports corrupt world government as being superior to our Constitution
- often believes and endorses our enemy’s propaganda
- would rather sacrifice an American city than insult a minority
- always blames the vicissitudes of life on something or someone else (often George W. Bush)
- frequently speculates without supporting facts
- discourages the self-reliance of others
- propagates half-truths, demagoguery and “spin”
- fights terrorism with lawyers rather than soldiers
- believes that all corporations are evil
- thinks that entitlements trump responsibility
- loves to give away other peoples money
- believes that the government is the solution to all problems
- hates or, at least, disrespects the U.S. military
- would rather sequester natural resources than husband them
- thinks all religion is evil (except possibly Islam)
- supports every class-action suit ever filed

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