Friday, April 18, 2008

Fickled Finger of Fate

See Barak Obama's fickled finger of fate at:

The Natural Truth (Thanks to Michael Graham)

Notice the audience's reaction and his smirk.

For you who have already drunk the Kool Aid, here are the ten reasons for this smirch:
1) His face really was itchy
2) It was clearly accidental
3) He was surprised at the audience's reaction, ergo the smirk
4) Hillary video-edited this YouTube snippet
5) He was auditioning for "Animal House II"
6) Hillary disserved it (I might even agree with this one)
7) He was practicing acting “presidential”
8) His other fingers are paralyzed (from bowling)
9) It was really directed at Bush
10) This was the patriotic salute he learned at Harvard Law School

A Typical (Bitter) White Person


DEN said...

That this non-event has captured the attention of the dem-haters is delicious.

We have McCain finally acting presidential (decrying the obscene CEO's salaries "that have no relation to the company's performance." and you guys still waste your time trying to throw shit on the dems about trivia.

Here's a hint: if you want to persuade anyone to change their mind about the enemy you'd be better off sticking to the Economy.

Oh, and By the way, (digitus impudicus)

George W. Potts said...

DEN I don't write this stuff to convert you. I write it to help open your liberal mind. Can you imagine FDR or JFK or Ike or Reagen giving someone the finger? Even Bill Clinton would only have done it in private.

(You are forgiven your Obama indiscretion.)