Tuesday, February 26, 2008


At the risk of being called a racist neocon (again) and based upon the fact that Barak almost certainly will be the Democrat candidate for President of the United States, I offer two internet links to info on the Obamas. The first is a video of him when he was President of his freshman class at Occidental College (THIS, IT TURNS OUT, IS A SPOOF AND I AM CERTAINLY CHAGRINED AT HAVING INCLUDED IT HERE ... BUT ALSO QUITE PUZZLED AS TO THE MOTIVATION OF ITS CREATOR. I LEAVE IT IN HERE SO THAT YOU MAY SEE IT AND NOT BE FOOLED BY IT IN THE FUTURE):
Barak in College

The second is a link (in four parts) to Michelle Obama’s senior thesis at Princeton. This is unique in that Princeton has now shut down access to this document:
Michelle in College

No smoking gun here, but this will give you a better idea of who might well be our first family.


Anonymous said...

Wow--I'm really floored by your comments. I cannot begin to respond to this as I don't know where to begin. However, I have to say what I thought I would never have to say in this election...with Barack Obama people will always always see color first and character second. It's a hard thing to be Black in America and unfortunately, my children will have to find this out on their own and as a parent, that hurts. If your comments suggest the Barack and Michelle Obama are not qualified to run this country due to a thesis and a video, then you're wrong. Racism is a sad sad thing and no matter how we try to cover it up with senior thesis'/videos/etc, the foundation is always just that--racism.

George W. Potts said...

I published this comment even though it is anonymous (a no-no) because it proves the point that no observation can be made about a black without the commentor being called a racist. (I am assuming "anonymous" is black ... Andrea??... I hope I am wrong.) Just what did I say to prove I was anti-black? I am charry of Barak not because he is black but because he is very liberal ... too liberal to be an effective general in this country's war against the extremists who would destroy us. (As for his wife, well her comment about not being proud of this country until now is a bit of a downer.) And if you are black, do you support Barack because of his politics or because of his color? And if the latter, who then is the racist?

Anonymous said...

Yes, I am black and I'm not sure who Andrea is. I did not mean to publish as anonymous. My question is, what prepares you to be President of the United States of America? I support Barack because of his politics, his character and his intellect which trumps McCain by a yardstick. McCain wants to add more troops in Iraq--are you willing to sacrifice your grandchildren for this unnecessary war? Is the war the only issue this country has?

George W. Potts said...

Alex, I won't convince you that the Iraq war was necessary nor will you convince me that it was a mistake. I also am not thrilled with McCain ... and I believe that this country is bending over backwards to prove that we are not racists (eleven primary wins in a row for Barak!!). I'm pretty sure that Obama will win the Democratic nomination and for that I thank him (beating out Hillary, aka Satan). And I also think that he will probably win the Presidency. The issue will be, what then? I can (but won't here) forecast a myriad of new problems that I think will arise from his win and very few Gordian knots that will likely be untied.

DEN said...

The video was of course a spoof, and I read enough of Michelle's thesis to conclude that it was no more radical or anarchist than stuff most of us wrote in our college years.

I think it is legitimate to questions Barack's qualifications for the presidency, just as I do Hillary's and McCains. None of them has done anything to give us comfort that they can administer the country any better than Bush did.

I don't think being an old-boy- conservative is inherently racist. Potts doesn't like liberals of any color. (He has been much harder on Ted Kennedy).

MP said...

I cannot believe that you would actually post a video like that on your website? It's quite embarrassing and I question why you would post such a repulsive video spoof like that...to be funny? It's not.

As for the myriad of new problems--George Bush is certainly leaving a huge mess behind and the individual that will become the next President of the United States will have their hands full, so the question of "what then" remains to be seen.

George W. Potts said...

I said I was chagrined. Do you want me to self-flagellate? As to your comment, "George Bush is certainly leaving a huge mess behind" ... bigger than the Aegean stables that Bill Clinton left for him? (And, unlike the Clinton's, I fully expect that the Bush's will leave the furniture in the White House.)