Friday, October 12, 2007

Carter’s Baby Clothes

Ex-president Jimmy Carter was recently interviewed on the BBC. Besides piously accusing (on foreign soil no less) the Bush administration of torturing prisoners, he charged Vice President Dick Chaney of being “a disaster for our country. I think he’s been overly persuasive on President George Bush [and] they all seem to be outdoing each other in who wants to go to war first with Iran.” Now, I may be wrong but who was the last American president to actually invade Iran? You’re right! It was this very same Jimmy Carter (with disastrous consequences to boot)!!

This toothsome one also has accused George W. Bush numerous times of “being the worst President in U.S. history” even though, in poll after poll, he himself usually brings up the rear in such voting. He obviously has no shame and sense of proportion or decorum. I kinda think he may be vying to be also voted the worst ex-President in U.S. history.

This then is a convenient segue way into the subject of the Nobel Peace Prize … which Jimmy Carter won a few years back. Today, Al “the planet has a fever” Gore also won this dynamite award (which, hopefully, will impel him to run for president in 2008.) Gore-ba-chef joins such other august recent winners of this prize as Mohamed ElBaradei, Yasser Arafat, Kofi Atta Annan, and Le Duc Tho. There is clearly enough prestige in this group to make Jimmy Carter and Al Gore look like a pair of mongooses in a pit of vipers.

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MP said...

I'm wondering what you really think of our lovely George Bush. Do you think he is a good president? What's amazing to me about Republicans is that they are the first to judge and speak out on what's right and what's wrong but they never own up to their own issues. Here we have our Republicans in office, who not only hang out at public restrooms for a romp (and mind you, these are the same people who were first in line to bring down Clinton's name in the Monica Lewinski fiasco) but who have children out of wedlock, love to hang out with their little pages and deny children their health insurance rights. I say all this to say, Jimmy Carter was a decent man. At the end of the day, he may not have been the best president, but he had character and integrity and maybe Bush and Cheney could learn a lot from those two little words. Our troops are in Iraq and I have one question. Where is Osama? Are you telling me that you believe that the Bush administration can't find that man who makes a new videotape every other day? How did we go from 9/11 to Iraq? Why exactly are our troops there? Will Iraq be a lovely little country after our work is done? George Bush is an awful President but I still pray for him as he is the leader of our country as it stands. God help us all.