Friday, February 28, 2020


“Never let a crisis go to waste” — Rahm Emanuel

Pandemic! World health crisis! The Trump virus is coming here! Many will die! The stock market is crashing! The Democrats are fanning the flames of panic to try to blame the spread of the coronavirus on President Trump. In a way this reaction, however despicable, is to be expected.

Obviously, Trump has had nothing to do with the origin or spread of this disease. In fact, he stopped flights in from China early on ... and was called a racist in the process. The stock market is in correction territory. And Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, taking their cue from Rahm Emanuel, have castigated Trump for his “inaction.” Bernie Sanders says that the president’s response is ‘disgusting!’ The New Yorker says Trump has blinders on. What?

I guess this anti-Trump meme is responsible for anything bad. And anything good was Obama’s legacy. Do Democrats have ay idea how silly they look with this puckish childishness?

Be prepared dear reader ... when next we learn that Trump, not Hillary, killed Epstein!

For an update see: The Latest Virus Numbers.

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DEN said...

Trump is certainly responsible for defunding our emergency preparedness, speaking like a moron about how warm weather will stop the spread, accusing Dems of a plot to embarrass him, picking the worst possible person to handle all things coronvirus and shutting-down the access of free press to information.

I see no need to panic, but I am washing my hands more often, stocking up on toilet paper and scotch, and am thinking of getting a gun.