Saturday, February 22, 2020

Little Blue Marble

Egomania is a term used to describe one who is totally absorbed with oneself.

For this blog post I have invented “anthromania,” a term using the Greek word for mankind, to describe our often illogical insistence that we humans can insure our existence by totally controlling our environment. Does anyone with a brain believe we can survive for the next hundred years without burning some hydrocarbons ... even if we have to melt our frozen poles in doing so? You too AOC and Greta ...

This notion that humans are the masters of the universe is biblical in its origin and continually reinforced by our remarkable scientific discoveries. However, Mother Nature allows us to persist in this anthromania until she decides to destroy an island with a hurricane unleashing the energy of a hundred hydrogen bombs ... just to remind us who is boss.

I know people like Elon Musk have imagined us inhabiting other planets before we destroy our own spaceship Earth. (I, myself, do not think this outcome is that pressing.) But, when one realizes the quality of life that would exist on these alien planets ... like a fish out of water ... the appeal seems only to be one of survival. For myself, I am just as happy to (hopefully) spend my remaining time on our little blue marble.

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