Tuesday, July 17, 2018


Trump: U.S. and U.K. will strike a 'great trade deal'

Trump declines to denounce Putin over election meddling at summit, blames 'both countries'

Brennan: Trump's press conference an impeachable offense ...

Poll/ Brits say police have lost control, blame political correctness

Is THIS the year that Arizona finally turns blue

Op-Ed editor for The Nation for removed from Trump-Putin presser

National Guard deployment led to the arrest of 10,000 illegals ...

Biden: Trump's border policies make me 'feel ashamed'

Putin: World Cup has triggered millions of cyberattacks on Russia

Britain's May bows to Brexit pressure in Parliament

Bezos' net worth exceeds $150 billion ...

John McCain rips Trump-Putin presser: 'shameful,' 'disgraceful'

Fractured Definition

Fractured definition: The degree of optical clarity in a broken bone X-ray. 

Two Quotes

My wife (of second generation Polish heritage) had two priceless and original comments about Trump's attempts to get Putin to help us with some of our international problems:

- "You can give a gorilla a piano but that doesn't mean he can play it."


- "The last time we were nice to Russia, it took half of Europe."

Use her perspective to balance out my previous blog: Chaos.


President Obama's foreign policy had been described as "strategic patience" ... which, to this observer, was a cover for his inaction. President Trump's approach can easily be called "strategic chaos" or a constant state of confusion about what Trump is going to do, say or tweet next. This strategy has also been tagged as "transactional" as Trump may not know himself exactly how the U.S. might respond to a certain event ... until the event occurs in all its nuance.

Such was the case yesterday when he appeared, in the Helsinki news conference with Putin, to trust Russian intelligence operations over his own. This misstep is understandable in the context of the FBI IG report that has demonstrated the degree to which the FBI and DOJ (and likely the CIA under Brennan) hand been working to take him down. And it continues. Rod Rosenstein at the DOJ baited the trap last Friday when he announced the obviously politically-motivated indictment of 12 Russian Intel officers for hacking the Democrats during the last presidential election ... but no Americans were wittingly involved. Trump had not, because of the timing of this revelation, been given the opportunity to vet this bomb shell ... to his regret.

Trump is finding that the negotiators on the international stage and in the DC swamp are a little tougher than New York union bosses. As a consequence, in Helsinki, Trump found himself between a rock and a hard place going into his meeting with Putin ... really a no-win, chaotic transaction ... and he didn't win ... he equivocated when he should have stood firm ...  to the gleeful delight of the DOJ, the FBI, the U.S. political establishment, the American media, and, I suspect, Putin. Trump has been sullied in what was supposed to be his strong suit, his negotiating skills. This is damaging to his ability to carry off his other challenges, trade with China, North Korean denuclearization, immigration reform, the Mueller witch hunt, etc. And he is pretty much alone on this chaotic battlefield ... with possibly only middle America to come charging over the hill bugles blaring. Will we? We will find out in November.

Afterthought: As a result of Helsinki, Trump has been called a traitor and worse by many of the unhappy parties listed above. It seems to this observer that such mania and its impact on all of international negotiations that are affected by this discord is possibly much more damaging to this country than Trump's perceived bending to Russia.

Monday, July 16, 2018


Trump.: EU is one of the United States' biggest foes

Israeli and Gaza militants agree to end fierce flare up of fighting

France dominates World Cup finals ...

Left-wing ANTIFA terrorists angry over 'unmasking' laws

Goody says he won't support Rosenstein impeachment

UK PM May says Donald Trump told her to sue EU over Brexit

Hillary begins speech: 'I'm so tired, I can barely stand' ...

Source: NATO members not living up to Afghanistan troop commitments

Rand Paul on Russian election meddling: 'We all do it'

Trump's SCOTUS nominee thinks ISPs have First Amendment rights, which could hurt privacy laws

Musk attacks hero diver of Thai rescue ...

NAACP lawyer: 'Insane' that Trump can appoint SCOTUS Justice

Stochastic Process

Fractured definition: A methodology for stretching one's muscles prior to hitting the slopes at a Vermont ski resort.

World Crap

From Mostly Cajun blog

The Liberals' idea of a penalty kick ...


Fashionably late ... Why is being tardy a good thing? World leaders seem to think that keeping others waiting is a sign of their position of power. Bill Clinton, Barack Obama and Vladamir Putin ... are all famous for being always late for appointments ... keeping the world waiting. This is petty BS. And those pols, who choose to use this infantile indication of power, are also weak rather than strong.

Don't such egomaniacs realize that, if they are always an hour late for meetings, they are still being reliable?

Quotable Quote

It is better to be roughly right than exactly wrong -- Comment on the Diplomad blog

Sunday, July 15, 2018


Fractured definition: A very clean nightclub ...


Mueller injects new drama into Trump's European whirlwind

People are 'mumb' to Trump's behavior, says Wall Street veteran

Republican warning signs: Democrats register 12 million more voters ...

Gohmert: Strzok knew 'foreign entity' hacked Clinton's emails and did nothing

'It's a big FU from Mueller'

Democrats -- and John McCain -- press Trump to cancel Putin summit after Mueller indicts Russians

[Pelosi] Says tax cuts will add 'two children dollars' more to the deficit ...

N.Korea request weekend [GU remains] meetin after skipping earlier meeting

Commerce Secretary [Ross] divests of all stocks after criticism from ethics watchdog

The real World Cup final isn't France vs. Croatia, it''s Nike vs. Adidas

Security scare as paraglider flies within feet of him [Trump] at [Scotish] hotel

Report: House conservatives move ahead with plans to impeach Rod Rosenstein

Hunky Dory

Fractured definition: A Hungarian rowboat ...


Comfortable  ambience cannot be manufactured ... it just happens. Planned ambience is usually far too sterile. -- Anon.

Saturday, July 14, 2018


Trump blows up Theresa May's party in his honor

Facebook loophole allows marketers to discover names of people in private groups

STARBUCKS bama plastic straws, winds up using more plastic ...

[Trump] ... Khan doing terrible job on terrorism, crime

'Kiss my you know what': Schumer hamstrung in SCOTOS fight

London mayor says UK not afraid to call out Trump: 'We think you're wrong'

Trade deficit with China keeps growing ...

Gowdy: Strzok 'the only person in America who thinks he was nor biased'

Obama, Trump big losers in Twitter follower purge

Justice Department appeals Time Warner-AT&T merger approval

Trump sending top team to Mexico to woo next president ...

[Strzok] ... Didm't really mean that Trump supporters were 'ignorant hillbillies'

Power line Pic

Trump Voters

According to Peter Strzok


Fame is the punishment for extreme self-indulgence. -- Anon.


Strzok swears: My work was never tainted by political bias ...

Bannon hosts Europopulists in London ahead of Trump visit

Consumer prices rise at the fastest pace in 6 years

Shock: [Strzok] says FBI let him device which texts to report to IG

All eligible young immigrant kids reunited with families, administration says

Tesla factory workers reportedly drank Red Bull, walked through raw sewage to meet Model 3 quotas

Trash piles up in the U.S. as China closes door to recycling ...

Report: NKoreans fail to show at meeting about U.S. troop remains

Trump suggests NATO allies defense spending targets should double to 4 percent

Porn star Stormy Daniels arrested in Ohio while performing at a strip club

Sacha Baron Cohen probes Chelsea Clinton 'sex charnge' operation!

Uber terminates self-crashing cars in Pittsburgh

Friday, July 13, 2018

Snake in the Grass

Yesterday, the House Democrats in televised Intel hearings and,  this AM, the snide partisans on "Morning Joe" were all twisting themselves into strange shapes to defend that smirking FBI snake, Peter Strzok. Banal  excusing of such blatant bias and traitorous behavior cannot benefit these demagogues in the eyes of us "smelly" American voters.

Be careful and be warned.

Thursday, July 12, 2018


Trump at NATO summit: 'I an fighting for a  level playing field for our farmers'

Trump administration announces list of tariffs on $200 billion in Chinese goods

Survey: DC, Detroit, NYC 'worst run' cities ...

Migrants turned pirates: Hostile takeover of rescue ship

Trump administration officials to meet with Mexico's president-elect

OPEC oil output jumps in June as Saudi Arabia opens the taps to tame crude prices

University [of Kansas] flies blackened American flag as art display

Elizabeth Warren: EPA Administrator must believe in Climate Change

Poll: Voters oppose abolishing ICE

Tech and media moguls swarm Sun Valley, Idaho in 'simmer camp' for billionaires

Dems doubt Warren can take on Trump ...

Lisa Page defies Congress subpoena


From Mostly Cajun blog

Xi and Me

I have written before about the contest for world hegemony between the United States and China ... see: China vs. U.S. ... in which I discussed the strategic advantages of each. Since then I have had four more thoughts on this subject:

- One advantage I had given to the U.S. was that it sits between two oceans ... something China could not correct. Well, it seems that it is trying ... with an initiative called the New Silk Road ... see: Building the New Silk Road. I somehow doubt that this opening to China's west will equate to another ocean, hut, at least, China seems to recognize that it does have a geopolitical problem.

- China does have ambitions to make the yuan the basis of international trade ... replacing the U.S. dollar. However, it is clear that China has been recently devaluing the yuan as part of its trade war with the United States ... see: Bloomberg Article. This duplicity does nothing but undermine China's currency ambitions.

- One issue I did not previously address was the language differential between these two countries. The incredibly complicated nature of the Chinese alphabet and spoken language, I believe, gives the strategic nod to English and America. Yes, computer software has ameliorated this edge somewhat, but will never eliminate it.

- Although"diversity" is argued by the liberal left to be a strategic advantage, clearly China is far less diverse than the U.S. ... and seems to deem it a disadvantage as it cleanses itself of dissents. Diversity in America might end up being a plus ... but only after these diverse groups are assimilated ... which may take many years into the future.

These four points seem to shift the strategic advantage of America over China further to the plus side, albeit only slightly.  The real pudding tasting will be in how the current trade skirmish with China turns out. Stay tuned.

Wednesday, July 11, 2018


How a private meeting with Kennedy helped Trump Ger to 'yes' on Kavanaugh

Texas is CNBC's top state for Business in America this year

Clooney injured in scooter crash in Italy ... thrown 20 feet ...

Liberal law prof in NY Times: Kavanaugh great pick ...

Trump's neglect of Europe goes beyond angry tweets

Tesla has signed an agreement to build a factory in Shanghai

Trade deficit with China hits new record [high] ...

Libya: 700,000 migrants waiting to board boats to Europe ...

Trump's solution for reunifying migrant families: 'Don't come to this country illegally'

More than a third of small businesses can't [find workers to] fill open jobs, matching a record

Trump: Seeing Putin will be easier than meeting with May ...

Booker: Trump nominated Kavanaugh for Get out of Jail Free card

Orange Blood?