Wednesday, September 19, 2018


"And I demand that Peter Strzok investigate this ..."

Obvious Truth #26

Grotesque Geary buildings

The are two types of famous architects -- those who design beautiful yet functional buildings ... and those showboaters who build expensive monuments to themselves. -- Anon.

A Question

For all my Liberal readers: Aren't you embarassed to be associated with such underhanded slimeballs? (They make Trump look like a choirboy.) 

Obvious Truth #25

When our liberal media is caught exhibiting a double standard, it's only to make up for the fact that most of the rest of the time they have no standards whatsoever. -- Anon.


'I do not know this woman': Trump allies rally to Kavanaugh's defense

China warns it won't just play defense in its trade war with the US

Newspaper Publisher Association honoring Maxine Waters with 'leadership' award ...

Scarborough: Trump fat greater challange to the idea of America than 9/11

Why God is laughing at Brett Kavanaugh

Musk says Tesla is now in 'delivery logistics hell'

Maduro's huge salary increase causes 40% of Venezuela stores to close ...

Kavanaugh accuser signed letter fighting Trump border policy

Trump gets pass from Congress on Puerto Rican deaths

Former Obama administration official: Trump is addressing 'longstanding' trade issues

Japan conducts first sib tests in disputed South [China] Sea ...

Brooks: Trump's comments on Puerto Rico 'almost pathalogical'

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Fractured Definition

Doggerel -- A poem penned by a pooch.


The chances are very good that Christine Blassey Ford will NOT appear at the Senate Juciciary Committee hearings next Monday on her charges against Brett Kavanaugh.

Afterward: BINGO!

Monday, September 17, 2018


Understanding is a tapestry of facts and a willingness to accept the logic that connects them. -- Anon.


Anita Hill: Kavanaugh accuser deserves 'fair and neutral' process

The bond market is beginning to believe the Fed is serious about two more rate hikes this year

Obama repeatedly stutters, talks about self 79 times during short speech ...

[Al] Gore calls storms biblical events

Governor Moonbeam: California to launch 'its own damn satellite' (from Politico)

London mayor [Kahn] calls for second referendum on Brexit

Looters capitalize on [Florence] chaos

Claim: Former Obama officials advising Europe to evade Iran sanctions

Trump could impose tariffs on $200 billion of Chinese goods next week

Storm Florence weakens but epic rains still expected on US east coast

Paul McCartney slams Trump in new song ...  'Mad captain is sailing this boat' ...

CNN ratings down 41 percent from last year

Font Lines

There  once was this guy from Vermont

Wanted to invent a new font.

He quipped, "What if

I add a new serif?"

"But, if it's too busy, I won't."

Russian Collusion?

The Sergey Brin treatment ...


Manafort's surrender shows Mueller investigation's overwhelming force

Florence lumbers inland, leaving 7 dead, communities flooded

Six gay candidates running in Connecticut -- as Republicans ...

Hillary, Obama associates in Mueller's crosshairs?

Pompeo, Kerry clash in remarkable standoff over Iran

Facebook's stealth attempt to one-up Amazon: shipping a product before you think of buying it

121,965,000 Americans on govt health insurance ...

Ronan Farrow reports Kavanaugh accuser refuses to come forward, no witnesses

Sexual assault claim leaves Kavanaugh nomination in limbo

Take my Trump Tower apartment instead of my money, Manafort tells Mueller

Feinstein under fire from the Left for Kavanaugh letter handling ...

Don Jr., Kim Guilfoyle pair up on campaign trip in Ohio

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Social Butterflies

(Full disclosure: I don't use Facebook or Twitter ... but I regularly use Google and Google owns Blogspot that runs this blog.).

The social networking companies are finding that their golden goose is starting to lay tarnished eggs.The EU has hit them with new regulations and big fines, and our usually clueless Congress is beginning to understand just how they have been hosing the naive American public.

We have reached an inflection point in the hyperbolic growth of this sector and I strongly suspect that a butterfly net is in store for these wild Monarchs. Here is my prediction for what's coming for them ... a mixture of a little logic and some wishful thinking:

- Opt-out button: users of these services should be able to EASILY chose that these services retain none of their personal info at all, or by information type, by age of info or by how captured. If companies violate these strictures, there should be severe liabilities.

- Users must be able to prioritize search results: oldest vs. newer, popular vs. unpopular, by country, by media type, by actual media outlets, by organization, etc.

- All search algorithms should be fully  flow-charted ... if not open-sourced.

- Alphabet (parent of Google) should be broken up into its major components.

More to come in this subject...

Obvious Truth #24

Deranged Democrats: Donald Trimp is an ignorant buffoon. Therefore, all the good things that have occurred since he took office ate either not good ... or should be credited to someone else. -- Anon.


Bliss is a dangerous state of mind where one ignores all aberrations.  -- Anon.

Saturday, September 15, 2018


Manafort to cooperate with Mueller as part of plea deal

Homeowners sitting on $6 trillion in available cash, but they're not tapping it

Jane Fonda says Moonves ouster 'only the beginning' ...

Jeff Bezos rips Trump for 'dangerous" attacks on the Washington Post

GOP defend Kavanaugh against sexual harassment allegations

Nobel Prize winner Schiller sees 'bad times for [stock] market' ahead

[Alexandria] Cortez wears $3,500 outfit for photo-op with construction worker?

Report: Michael Bloomberg plotting  a 2020 presidential run as a Democrat

Averaging in NYT op-ed makes case for indicting Trump

The real reason that Amazon's HQ2 will be near Washington, D.C..

Feds collect record income taxes ...

Ruth Bader Ginsberg tips 'highly partisan' Kavanaugh hearings

Fake Weather

When the wind don't blow, the Weather Channel makes its own with a wind machine. (Note the unaffected people in the background.)

Afterward: The Weather Channel is famous for firing people who don't pledge allegiance to global warming.

Fractured Definition

Tumescent  -- Brand-named antacid tablets on sale for two to the penny.


From Powerline blog

 "And I put Kim in a box too"...

Powerline Pic

Obvious Truth #23

Reality loves to play "Hide and Seek." -- Anon.


Exclusive: Trump's FEMA administrator under investigation for use of official cars

GM  recalls over 1 million pickups, SUVs for power steering problems

Eyewall down, Florence weakens, winds 105 mph

Dalai Lama: 'Europe belongs to Europeans,' refugees should rebuild homelands

Trump accuses Democrats of inflating Puerto Rico [hurricane] death toll

Alphabet's Larry Page has reportedly checked out, spending more time on his private island

Michael Moore accused of stiffing, smearing vendors ...

Turkey's Erdogan in the Wall Street Journal: 'The world must stop Assad'

GOP Senators: No Sessions replacement could get confirmed

Kaepernick buzz may be fading, Nike online sales return to levels before the ad

Monopoly busting case against Google, Amazon, Uber, Facebook ...

Food stamp usage declines for eight straight month ...

Friday, September 14, 2018


Guess which grocery store section does not sell out before a hurricane?

New Yotker Yuccker

Killing two birds with one quip ...


Cynthia Nixon's chant in her race for NY governor: "Votr for the homo, not the Cuomo!"  (She just lost.)

Thursday, September 13, 2018


Right mounts campaign to make Jim Jordan the GOPLeader

Trump tariffs targeted in new campaign by business group

Belongings of missing WIKILEAKS associate found in sea off Norway

[Pelosi:] 'I will be Speeaker of the House'

Trump vs. Trudeau: They could save NAFTA if they stop sniping

Former Trump campaign chief Manafort reportedly in talks for plea seal

World Trade Center struggles to fill office space ...

Support for [London] Mayor Kahn crashes after summer of violence ...

Bernie Samder's son trounced in New Hampshire primary

[Interest] Rates are about to hit key level that could cause problems for stocks

Small business optimism highest ever; tops Reagan ...

50 Toty MPs 'openly plot' Theresa May's downfall ...

Group Think

Peer pressure is the greatest squelcher of original thought. -- Anon.