Friday, February 23, 2018


Be concise -- Anon.


The easy, yet all-too-human natural propensity for well-meaning human scribes to puff-up their purposeful prose communications with unnecessary and clearly incidental words and overly-flowery phrases and clauses is ofttimes off-putting and exceedingly annoying to the casual albeit roped-in reader of this exercise in inane verbosity -- Anon.

Thursday, February 22, 2018


Trump floats expanded 'concealed carry' on school campuses

Liberals rage at Obama because he wouldn't dance on Billy Graham's grave

Billy Graham dead [at 99] ...

Poll of Republican voters: Reducing immigration more important than killing Obamacare, destroying ISIS

Bernie blames Hillary for allowing Russian interference

Rising bond yields stomps out stock rally after Fed report confuses market

Border wall construction begins ...

President Trump pushes armed teachers to end school violence

Dem Sen [Stolen Valor] Blumenthal: Trump's suggestion to arm teachers 'absolutely abhorrant'

Trump: 'Ask Jeff Sessions' why isn't the Obama administration under investigation for Russian meddling?

South Korea spent more than $220,000 on Kim Jong Un's sister at Olympics visit

Sheriff Clarke: Students' gun control push ha Soros' fingerprints all over it ...

Quotes about Guns

"... the right to defend one's home and one's person when attacked  has been guaranteed through the ages by common law" -- Martin Luther King

"But if someone has a gun and is trying to kill you ... it is reasonable to shoot back with your own gun" -- Dali Lama

"A woman who wants more gun control legislation is like a chicken who roots for Colonel Sanders" -- Larry Elders

Today's Quote

If you are not in favor of armed security guards protecting our children, then you are not in favor of protecting our children. -- Anon.


Trump IRS seeks millions in Obamacare fines even though law is 'dead'

Lindsey Vonn returns to the podium in final Olympic downhill race

[George] Clooney 2020 [presidential] vision?
WH: 'We haven't closed doors' on assault weapons ban

State Dept.: No coordination with Trump Jr. on speech in India

[Stock] Market sell-offs tend to happen in three waves and the last one is coming

LIVE FOREVER: Bezos reveals massive 10,000-year clock being built inside mountain

Rush: Democrats focused on politicalization of attacks, not school safety

White House: Trump supports stronger background checks for gun buys

Olympics filled with athletes who aren't that good ...

'BLACK PANTHER' packed with action, diversity -- but no gays ...

Russia's Foreign Minister Lavrov condemns Iran for calling for Israel's destruction

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Founding Father's' Wisdom

Our founding father's realized that allowing children to set public policy was quite unwise. That is why, when writing our Constitution, they set the age requirement for our president at 35, senators at 30 and representatives at 25. It seems to me that this latter stricture should also be applied to voters. All the sophomoric nonsense now being championed at our universities does nothing but reinforce this notion. As does the fact that now social media has revealed how shallow and self-absorbed many of our current younger generation of snowflakes either are or will become.

Maturity doesn't always come with age ... but it helps.

Symbol of Democracy

"That rifle on the wall of the labor's cottage or the working-class flat is the symbol of democracy. It's our job to see that it stays there." -- George Orwell

Fishing Expedition

From Mostly Cajun blog


According to the recent Mueller indictment the purpose of Russia's meddling in the 2016 presidential election was to disrupt and disorient (disAsia?) both party's candidates. Whatever monies Russia spent on this endeavor produced little return except, perhaps, for the anti-Trump demonstration in front of the Trump Tower shortly after the election.  (Touted by CNN and MSNBC ... and attended by Michael Moore and a large group of lefty moombats.)

Now the following idea is not original to me, but it is rather obvious -- the media, the deep state and Hillary's posse are doing much more than the Ruskies could ever have hoped to disrupt the American political system. The pure irony of this situation is that Mueller is more effective than Putin ever could to throw sand in the smooth functioning of our current government. (OK, OK .... Trump helps things along a little.)


Clapper predicts 'other shoes to drop' in Mueller probe

Media isn't so sure Trump colluded with Russia anymore

More than 80% of adults owe somebody else money ...

Report: Mueller zeroing in on Kushner

Trump mocks Oprah Winfrey

CNN, MSNBC glowingly promoted Russian-organized anti-Trump rally

Wild, weird weather everywhere ...

LA Times: Banning AR-15s would end mass shootings

Trump comes in last in expert presidential ranking survey

Donald Trump surprises by endorsing Mitt Romney for Senate run

Privacy advocates cry foul on bracelets to monitor AMAZON workers ...

Mayor cites JFK assassination, demands NRA cancel upcoming convention in Dallas

Tuesday, February 20, 2018


There is a light-weight, even comical element to the recent Mueller indictment of 13 Russians and 3 Russian companies for "meddling" in the 2016 presidential election. This indictment's wording suggests that gossiping or kibitzing are now criminal offenses. It even has the smell of desperation or possible purposeful misdirection to it ... keeping this investigation alive until bigger game can be bagged.

Despite the narrow range of this indictment, there are other possible issues emanating out of Mueller's modest accusal:

- Much of the information and even some of the text of this indictment came from a Russian business journal story that was published last fall ... see: NY Times article

- Steve Robnson of the Howie Carr Show has asked about a very interesting omission from this indictment, namely where are the accusations about Russian hacking into the DNC computer and the stealing of John Podesta's emails and putting them on Wikileaks? This would seem a natural inclusion since we have been told that "17 of our intelligence agencies" agree with this obvious crime.

- The Mueller indictment claims that the Russians were spending upwards of a million dollars a month on Facebook fake news and ads ... whereas Facebook itself testified to Congress recently that the sum total of all this meddling was at most $100,000.

All in all this indictment, since it comes close to exonerating Trump from the original reason for Mueller's appointent ... Russian collusion ... seems a fart in a windstorm.


#MeToo movement lawmaker faces new sexual misconduct allegations

US and China reportedly scuffled over nuclear 'football' during Trump's Beijing visit

Hungary's Oban calls for global anti-migrant alliance ...

Schiff: 'Russians are very big fans of out 2nd Amendment

Schiff: Trump 'claims vindication anytime someone sneezes'

Mike Bloomberg offers to 'match every donation' to fight gun violence

America becomes No.1 enemy at World Government Summit ...

Dunk Contest: Ingraham invites LeBron on TV for debate ...

Podesta: Trump a 'draft dodger" in war for democracy

Former Trump aide Rick Gates will plead guilty to Mueller probe charge: Report

Couple who took in Cruz: 'We had this monster living under our roof' ...

American small business workers see historic wage increases

Monday, February 19, 2018

Today's Quote

"Show me the man, I'll show you the crime" -- Lavrentiy Beria (Soviet spy chief under Stalin)

Sunday, February 18, 2018


Trump lashes out after Mueller indictment, downplays Russian plot

Maxine Waters attended Nation of Islam convention

Trump: Dems could have passed gun control under Obama ...

Laura Ingraham: Time for Mueller to interview Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, Susan Rice, Ben Rhodes and maybe even Barack Obama

Mueller: Russians entered U.S. to plot election meddling

LeBron James: 'I mean too much to society to not share my political views

Democrats struggle with rising popularity of tax cuts ...

... Fmr Mexican president Fox blames shooting on Trump

Mueller levels new claim of bank fraud against Manafort

Trump backs Facebook VP who says Russian meddling aimed at dividing America

Voter registration launched at ['Black Panther'] screenings ...

NY teacher, twin brother charged with paying students to make bombs

An Experiment

Reading The Diplomad 2.0 today got me to thinking about his suggestion and about what we might do to stop the rash of school shootings. I think we should set up an experiment to see which of two approaches might work better to reduce this mayhem:

Experiment #1: Get rid of school (and other) gun-free zones. For the first ten years, permit and encourage any responsible and trained adult to carry a gun in our schools ... open-carry for any uniformed personnel and closed-carry for others -- teachers, coaches, etc.

Experiment #2: For the second ten years, return to a gun-free zone policy in our schools but totally ban anyone from purchasing semi-automatic military-style rifles or their ammunition.

Comparing the results over this 20-year period should tell us which policy to go with long term. I strongly suspect that this second decade test would not be necessary.

Saturday, February 17, 2018


Mueller charges 13 Russians with 2016 election 'information warfare'

Mueller 'targets' Russia, Trump team 'unwitting'

Sales of bulletproof backpacks soar ...

Merkel says Germany 'deplores' Brexit at meet with [PM] May

FBI failed to follow up on Florida shooting suspect tip in January

NO OBSTRUCTION: Rosenstein holds a presser essentially kills probe into Trump-Russia collusion

Trump cleared? Indictment says Russians worked with 'unwitting' participants ...

Evolution of Joe Scarborough -- from gun nut to gun grabber

Mitt Romney announces run for U.S. Senate in Utah

Keith Ellison in full panic mode after getting caught meeting with Louis Farrakhan

ICE arrests 212 illegals, targets 122 businesses in LA sweep ...

Lee Smith: Everything media accuses Trump of doing with Russia, Obama actually did

Today's Cartoon

From New Yorker magazine


Too True, Trudeau

From Powerline blog

Think about it ... it's not about being gay ...


White House blames Russia for massive Ukraine cyberattack

Another Trump campaign official[Rick Gates] is about to make a plea deal with Mueller

Senate defeats president's immigration plan ...

Taliban pens letter to American people urging peace talks after sit strikes

De Blasio details terror plot that started in a Harlem charter school

General Flynn should withdraw his guilty plea. His new judge is a government misconduct expert.

OPRAH: God hasn't told me to run ...

Limbaugh mocks FBI: Too busy with Trump, #MeToo investigations to stop FL shooter

Priebus on White House chaos: 'Take everything you've heard and multiply it by 50'

Hannity: If we can secure the Oscars, we can secure our schools

SEC blocks Chinese takeover of Chicago Stock Exchange ...

Report: 52% of non-disabled parents on food stamps do not work