Thursday, November 26, 2020

Willful Ignorance

Kind pilgrim, Rasmussen has polled us and determined that only 48% of American likely voters believe that this past presidential election was honest. The breakout was 70% of Republicans and even 20% of Democrats for heavens sake! Shocking numbers!

To me, people who don’t see too many coincidences and statistical anomalies in at least six battleground states to conclude that this election must be a gigantic larceny ... are exhibiting willful ignorance. (See: 5 Anomolies). That means, they either have chosen not to learn about the problems ... or, they see them, but believe that the results, though suspicious, are justified.

This fraud constitutes a Constitutional crisis ... a crisis that cannot be waved away by judges (and justices) averting their eyes ... unwilling to look this scandal in the eye and ajudivpcate things fairly ... whoever the winner ... afraid of possible personal consequences.

But what about the consequences to our country? Will all future elections become Philadelphia dogfights? Each side fenegiling the rules to their dishonest advantage? Every election becoming more and more scandalous until we find ourselves in the last days of the Roman Empire?

We cannot let this happen, pilgrim!


Powerline Pic

You won’t understand this pic unless you used to watch WKRP ... Happy Thanksgiving!


Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Obvious Truth

From my perch, President Trump is transparent and patriotic ... whereas the Biden mob is opaque and dangerously self-serving. They may pretend to be unifying and noble, but, in truth, they will sell this country out for thirty pieces of silver.



 Jobless claims rise to 778,000 as pandemic worsens

Covid cases are exploding across U.S., and Thanksgiving could be an ‘accelerator event’

GOP set to flip four House seats in California

Biden: I have ‘very progressive agenda’

Global terror-related deaths at a 5-year low, report says

Coronavirus updates: UPS prepares dry ice in preparation for vaccine deliveries, FDA clears new antibody test

New study proves online schooling isn’t working

Poll shows growing Democrat opposition to cheap labor migration

French President eases coronavirus lockdowns ahead of Christmas

Mnuchin to put $455 billion out of Yellen’s reach without Approval of Congress

Pennsylvania, Michigan and Arizona legislatures to hold hearings on election fraud

YouTube blacklists One America News over coronavirus coverage




The Answer: Blueprint

The Question: What do you call the hard copy of a X-rated picture?


The Accidental President


“Never let a crisis go to waste.” — Rahm Emanuel

Donald  J. trump was elected president in 2016, I am convinced, because Hillary Clinton and her posse were convinced (using their own flawed polling) that he didn’t have a chance. And, when they did suddenly realize this likelihood, it was too late to gin up their vote rigging process.

In 2020, the Democrats, seeing the size of the Orangeman’s rally crowds, realized that some serious adjustments needed to be made with how the votes would be counted. Fortunately, we were in the middle of a pandemic crisis which offered an excuse to change the voting and vote counting process.

Without going into the sordid details of this gigantic election larceny, the Dems appear at the moment to have prevailed ... meaning that Trump is toast ... gigantically popular toast ... but still toast. He will go down in history as the accidental president.

But pilgrim, do not kid yourself. President Trump has given vast swaths of America what they have been craving ... a leader who knew what was wrong ... and how to fix it ... for one brief moment.

If Biden’s puppetmasters prevail and go about erasing all that Trump has accomplished, they will be leading the majority of Americans in a direction we don’t want to go ... all because Trump has shown us what might have been.

Trump’s legacy and story has not ended.


The Puppeteers

Most honest political observers concede that Joe Biden, if he assends to the presidency, is nothing but a stand-in for one or more power brokers who will be making the decisions and feeding him his lines. 

In fact, many, including myself, feel that his progressing dementia will force him out of office, 25th Amendment-wise, quite early in his possible administration. And it is also assumed that Kamala Harris will be easily manipulated by these same puppeteers.

The question then poses itself ... who is or are these marionette minders?

Well, seeing that Barack Obama and his consigliere, Valarie Jarrett moved into a mansion about a mile from the White House soon after leaving same ... gives us a clue.

Also, so far most, if not all of Sleepy Joe’s cabinet picks are right out of Obama’s stable. ... see: The Hill Story. This is another indication that Obama & Co. might be pulling the strings.

However, kind reader, what still has me perplexed is ... who owns Obama?


Quotable Quote

Those who revel in life’s superficials will never understand what makes things work. It’s like buying a car only for the tailfins. — Fletcher


Fractured Definition

Dryad — promotional posting advocating temperance



Joe Biden’s team of careerists

Coronavirus updates: U.S. average daily deaths top 1,500 as cases show the earliest signs of improvement

Alleged cartel boss arrested in connection to massacre of American Mormon family

Donald Trump allows GSA to begin transfer of power to Joe Biden

Russia says its coronavirus is 95% effective

Home prices see the biggest spike in 6 years in September, according to S&P Case Shiller report

Tucker Carlson: Big Tech rigged the election in front of us

Powell agrees she’s not on Trump’s legal team, says epic lawsuit coming

Georgia recount set to start Tuesday

Tesla hits $500 billion market cap for the first time

Diane Feinstein to step down as top Democrat on Senate Judiciary Committee

Pennsylvania legislative committee shuts down election audit


Tuesday, November 24, 2020


Donald J. Trump was an accidental President. He only won this job because the alternative, Hillary Clinton, was a caustic crone who clearly hated her country and its people. She also felt so entitled that she didn’t activate her party’s efficient voter fraud apparatus. And, embarrassed by her loss, she chose then to project ... accusing her victor of doing what she had neglected to do ... stealing the White House.

The Democrat political machine did not make this same mistake in 2020.

But the dogs have been set loose ...  huge swaths of Americans have had four years, a brief glimpse, of what it would be like if we had a president who was looking out for the well-being of his whole country, not just the white shoes. We were briefly privy to how our country’s elites have been skimming America’s cream with policies that buggered America’s heartland.

This shining moment was like blowing away the fog from the “city on the hill” ... and this is exactly why Trump drew huge crowds chanting “WE !OVE YOU” at his rallies.

This outpouring of unbridled love was obviously not because of his sandpaper personality or his golf playing. But these fans were looking past his flaws and reacting to what he was accomplishing for them ... the previously used and ignored.

And so, because of the evil Orangeman, much of America has seen what our elites have been doing to them ... and they don’t want to go back under the yoke.

Kind reader, your blogger is going to be thankful on Thursday that our vulgar President Trump has given us a brief look at what our country night be once again.


Quotable Quote

There are only two types of people ... those who enjoy the comfort of confinement ... and those who enjoy the discomfort of freedom. — Fletcher


Monday, November 23, 2020

Green New Deal Transport


How we will get around if John Kerry has his way as Biden’s climate czar ...



Biden will nominate Antony Binken as Secretary of State

Zambia becomes first coronavirus-era default: What happens now?

Battle over expanding unemployment benefits looms

Blackwell: The greatest electoral heist in American history

AstraZeneca Oxford: Coronavitus vaccine highly effective

Pollster: Trump’s false ‘rigged’ election claims may hurt GOP in Georgia runoffs

China says they’ll respond as U.S. naval admiral visits Taiwan

Trump legal team distances from Sydney Powell

Trump campaign files narrow appeal in Pennsylvania

Goldman cuts fourth-quarter and first-quarter GDP forecasts, cites Covid resergence

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu meets Saudi prrince in historic meeting

Court rules Tennessee can outlaw Down Syndrome, race and gender abortions


Obvious Truth


Found on Mostly Cajun blog.

Now, for the rest of the story, see: Zero Hedge Post.


What If He Won?


 I know it’s a Hail Mary pass ... but what would happen if Trump prevailed in the courts over the next couple of weeks ... and was due for four more years as president?

Of course I want this to happen for America’s sake ... but watching many American swells lose their minds in their own personal hells really would be worth some smirks ... and maybe a couple of bourbon Old Fashioneds.


Today’s Poser


If Sydney Powell is “unhinged” in her conspiracy theories surrounding the recent presidential election, what was Adam Schiff as he continually lied to Congress and the American people about the Trump-Russian collusion ... and was he ever cut off at the knees by the Democrats or the media?


Our August Media

From the Earl of Taint blog




On Parler, MAGA’s post-election world blossoms with no pushback

Trump vaccine chief has had ‘no contact’ with Biden transition team

Operation Warp Speed adviser says vaccines will ship by mid-December

Dershowitz: Election won’t be reversed

Christie says Trump legal team ‘a national embarrassment’

‘Without merit’: Trump loses court case that sought to block Biden Pennsylvania win

Violence in Minneapolis still rising six months after George Floyd death: ‘Defund the police’

Loeffler retests negative

Biden chief of Staff says inauguration ‘not going to be the same’

Trump campaign asks for another Georgia recount

Michigan attorney general ponders criminally charging Republican legislators who met with Trump

Sunday Times: Aborting babies with Down Syndrome ‘equates to eugenics’


Sunday, November 22, 2020

The Answer

Dinesh D'Souza asks a very simple but key question about this past presidential election: “Are the voting machines capable of being manipulated?” ... see: Conservative Treehouse Post.

Now, dear reader, your blogger is not a neophyte when it comes to hardware and software issues ... having started two software companies and worked in a research arm of an once-major hardware company. So, let me try to answer D’Souza’s query.

Yes, the voting machines are capable of being manipulated under the following circumstances:

- The voting machines are connected to the internet 

- They have USB ports that can accept flash drive input

- Either of the above two input mechanisms can be activated during the voting process to accept software updates or data dumps

-The internet connection can be used to upload voter results to servers wherever they are located

- The vote tallying process can be changed by parameters controlled either locally or remotely

From what I have seen and read in the media, all the above conditions were met by the Dominion-Smartmatic voting systems. Of course, this would need to be proven in court.

If this turns out to be the case, then much of the results of this past election are tainted and, given all the damning circumstantial (and hard) evidence surrounding the actual mail-in paper ballot process, one must conclude that a massive voting fraud has been achieve by the Biden campaign.



Quotable Quote


The world is chock-a-block full of conspiracies. Dismissing aberrant outcomes because a conspiracy might be involved is, in a word, conspiratorial. — Fletcher


Obvious Truth

If China wanted to best its chief adversary, the United States, how might it do so? 

Well, its obvious clear advantage is that it has four times the population of America ... and how might it use this huge demographic advantage?

One clear way would be to release a virus on the world that ravaged large parts of countries’ populations ... America included ...  knowing that, in absolute terms, it could tolerate such losses more easily. (If China looses four times the U.S. deaths ... one million ... it would be hardly noticed ... during China’s Cultural Revolution sixty years ago at least 20 million died.)

And if this released pandemic takes out of office the president of your adversary, so much the better.

The unfortunate takeaway from this experiment in biological warefare is: it’s very cheap, virtually untraceable and very effective ... particularly if you enjoy a huge population differential. 

Therefore, one must assume it will be tried again.




Michigan group sues Trump campaign citing disenfranchisement of Black voters

Five U.S. agencies have started telling employees they could get Covid vaccine shots in 8 weeks

Gov. Cuomo to receive Emmy Award for alleged coronavirus leadership

Nearly all lawmakers at House hearing opposed Afghanistan troop drawdown

Carbon reduction will require ‘almost unprecedented collaboration’ 

Amid rise in Hong Kong coronavirus cases: Singapore-Hong Kong travel bubble delayed

Biden campaign manager called for mandatory gun seizures

George Will: Founders intended to count illegal aliens in Congressional apportionment

The Nightly: Donald Trump Jr. tests positive

California gives Tesla ‘essential worker’ exemption from new Covid-19 health orders

CDC and Dr. Fauci push back against school closures

Police on scene after reports of shots fired at Milwaukee mall


Saturday, November 21, 2020

Fractured Definition


Aftermath — geometry, or sometimes, calculus


Today’s Poser

Is it worth engaging in a massive voter fraud and complicit media coverup ... likely compromising forever the morals of our entire nation ... in order to thwart the re-election of one individual with a personality you find offensive?

Afterward: Trump, believably got over 10 million more votes than he did in 2016. But, without really campaigning, Biden got 14 million more than Hillary. Impossible!


Sydney Powell


Has more courage in her li’l pinkie toe than 9/10ths of the Republican Party ...

Afterthought: Has no one found it strange that lawyers and not professional government investigators are the ones tracking down the claims of voter fraud?


Powerline Pic





Could Obama have been great?

Dr. Scott Gottlieb: Schools should be the ‘last thing’ shut down due to the surging coronavirus cases

Even Dr. Doom says NYC should keep schools open

Tucker: If Sydney Powell has evidence of votes changed, we want evidence ...

Rick Scott tests positive for coronavirus

Coronavirus updates: Pfizer, BioNTech to file for emergency authorization, study shows antibodies offer at least 6-month protection

Michigan Secretary blocks Wayne county GOP members from officially rescinding certification vote

Gov. Cuomo lashes out, mocks reporter over NYC school closure question

Sasse, Romney pans Trump campaign’s tactics in contesting election

College parties drive spike in Covid cases, forcing more campuses to close

Dem official floats re-education camps for Trump supporters

FNC’s Fisher: Giuliani's presser ‘bold and baseless,’ simply not true


Friday, November 20, 2020

National Paroxysm

The claims being made by Trump’s legal term are so momentous ... that coordinated voter fraud has taken place in at least six battleground states ... so disorienting that even some conservative outlets (like the Powerline blog, FoxNews and even Tucker Carlson) have expressed doubts about some of the evidence (mostly circumstantial) so far offered.

This is understandable ... particularly when this evidence comes from a sweating lead lawyer with hair dye running down his cheek.

But, for what it’s worth, this observer thinks that this evidence is so extensive that, even if half of it is BS, I am still convinced.

However, I also believe that this voter fraud case is so complicated that it would take a miracle if this case can be ajudicated before we need to name and inaugurate our next president ... Kamala Harris, er, Biden.

But ... unless we resort to electing our president in the House of Representatives ... once Lady Justice does finally settle things, there will be a lot of unhappy politicians ... of both parties.


Georgia Peach (Updated)

What if the Georgia Governor Brian Kemp really did steal the last election using the Smartmatic Software  ... and now is being coerced by the loser, Stacey Abrams, that she would back off if Kemp and his Secretary of State allowed her to use the same crooked voting software to permit Biden to best Trump?

To understand from whence these suspicions came, see: Conservative Treehouse post.

This would severely complicate things in the upcoming Senate runoff elections on January 5th ... no?

Afterward: Expressing this theory is possibly why Sydney Powell got bounced off of Trump’s legal team.




CDC urges against Thanksgiving travel

12 million Americans set to lose unemployment benefits by year end

Pennsylvania two-tiered voting system could face legal challange

Trump campaign holds press conference outlines  ‘viable path to victory’

Australian troops unlawfully killed Afghan citizens, report indicates

Unemployment claims filings pick up amid continued struggles for labor market

Impeachment articles filed against Michigan governor

 Joe Biden: ’embarassing’ that Donald Trump hasn’t conceded yet

California GOP lawmakers defend Maui trip as promoting  ‘intelligent public policy’

Biden Covid adviser says more people ‘will get infected and die’ the longer Trump delays transition

Wisconsin recount to proceed in two counties

Biden task force: Hospitals will collapse in next ‘two to three weeks’