Sunday, November 22, 2020

Obvious Truth

If China wanted to best its chief adversary, the United States, how might it do so? 

Well, its obvious clear advantage is that it has four times the population of America ... and how might it use this huge demographic advantage?

One clear way would be to release a virus on the world that ravaged large parts of countries’ populations ... America included ...  knowing that, in absolute terms, it could tolerate such losses more easily. (If China looses four times the U.S. deaths ... one million ... it would be hardly noticed ... during China’s Cultural Revolution sixty years ago at least 20 million died.)

And if this released pandemic takes out of office the president of your adversary, so much the better.

The unfortunate takeaway from this experiment in biological warefare is: it’s very cheap, virtually untraceable and very effective ... particularly if you enjoy a huge population differential. 

Therefore, one must assume it will be tried again.


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