Wednesday, September 16, 2020

At War (Part 4)

Last night on Tucker Carlson, he had a Chinese female virologist who claimed that, because of the profile of the coronavirus genome, it is clear that it was man-made with malign intent ... quite likely in that Level-4 virology research lab right outside Wuhan, China. Wow! Can this be true?

I started zeroing in on this possibility before ... see: At War (Part One) wherein I laid out the predicate for what China was doing to tighten its insidious grip on world economies ... and what Trump was doing as the first president to push back against this threat.

I followed this with more particulars of what China was doing geopolitically and with possible germ warfare upping the ante with parallel aggressions, particularly using North Korea and with the coronavirus ... see: At War (Part Two) and, in particular, the embedded hyperlink: Xi Jinping.

Finally, I speculated that China may have possibly been ready to crack down on Hong Kong and also unleash a coronavirus follow-on to demonstrate to the world the seriousness of its retribution to Trump’s aggressive pushback to China’s world domination ambitions ... see:  At War (Part 3).

Now we have first-hand testimony that China was complicit in this world pandemic ... which I am now inclined to believe. Clearly Xi would prefer Biden to win the next election. He has already invested over $1.5 billion to this end. And, if Trump loses to Sleepy Joe, the coronavirus will be the primary causation. Yes, this is quite a drastic and dangerous solution ... but a solution nevertheless.

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Spec U Lation said...

Widely reported that Trump had the virus but they gave him a new experimental drug that cleared it in three days. Not readily available to the public because the treatment cost three million dollars. Treatment was developed in a Chinese Laboratory. You have to apply one cream from column one and two creams from column two.

DEN said...

Tucker Carlson Ha ha ha, like you will hear the real truth there!
Everything in this post (and its antecedents) is hypothetical.

You ignored all the "first-hand testimony" during the impeachment trial, and the 20 plus woman who have accused Trump of sexual assault. Why now does this claim sound credible? Because it fits your narrative. How special.

George W. Potts said...

You birds constantly amaze me. Is there nothing positive about Trump ... or negative about China ... that is true? Do you realize how impossible this is ... and, therefore, how spittle-flecked silly and CNN brainwashed you sound?

DEN said...

No, we are not woke to Trumpism. We think we sound sane and unflecked.
Funny, I guess somebody is wrong.
But anyone who finds truth in Tucker Carlson needs a drool bucket.

George W. Potts said...

Watched Tucker Carlson this evening. In his closing comments he asked, ‘Who is this butthead DEN?”